Customer Care

UK : +44-(0)-7448363412
INDIA :+91 9447509267 / +91 9745242246
EMAIL : Info@4relatives .com


Q. When will you start your Christmas Cake Delivery?

An: Start from 10th December (First order in first out basis)

Q. What is the duration of
the delivery in kerala ?

An: 5-10 working days – now we are in preparation of Christmas Orders… please contact us for special request.

Q. What is the Quality of the cake?

An: Very good quality 1kg specially made fresh plum cake with fruits

Q. How will you manage our messages?

An: We will print your message in a special greeting card and attach the same with the gift pack

Q. How does the online concept work?

An: All you need to do is log on to click order tab then complete the order form and then proceed with the screen.

Q. What are the various payment options?

An: Credit Cards (Visa / Mastercard / Solo / American Express)
Debit Cards

Q. Is the Payment Gateway on the Website Secure?

An: uses PayPal to process payments. One of the most secure payment gateways.

Q. If you fail to deliver the order ?

An: No chance to fail the delivery, in case it happends, we will refund your payments.